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Work Samples :

Case Study 1: Tulane University

Develop tobacco-free campus branding & health communication materials to
promote ongoing events and outreach for the student community.

Case Study 2: Environmental Building Strategies

Develop company branding and marketing materials as well as public health communications pieces that are used for industry education.


Click below for a sampling of our work across myriad public health disciplines.
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Christopher Freeman, MPH

Christopher founded SimataiPHC on the back of two fundamental beliefs: First, if you love what you do for a living, you don’t have to charge much for it. Secondly, public health communications and design are far too important to be anything short of professional.

Prior to starting SimataiPHC, Christopher worked at the LSU Health Sciences Center where he also earned his Master of Public Health degree. During his time there he headed a statewide coalition that successfully passed the Louisiana Youth Concussion Law, leading testimony before both the Senate and House subcommittees on Health and Welfare. He also interned with the New Orleans Saints Department of Youth Programs where he worked to encourage healthy dietary habits among Gulf Coast children. Christopher holds a B.S. in Management from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Following his undergraduate studies, he managed disaster recovery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Julia Sevin
Creative Director

Julia joined SimataiPHC at the beginning of 2014, bringing a sterling resume including work with numerous public health organizations including United Way, YMCA, the Smoking Cessation Trust, and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans (to name a few). She is currently President of the New Orleans chapter of AIGA, the national association for design. Julia is proficient in written Spanish which ensures that dual-language projects are translated reliably and cost-effectively.


If you’ve read one “about” section on a website you’ve read them all. Every company that exists is creative, trustworthy, cutting edge, customer driven, results oriented, and blah blah blah. It’s like all businesses are required to recite the same rhetoric about themselves, full of identical hubris. We just don’t find that to be very useful, or, well…creative.

At Simatai Public Health Communications, we assume you expect all of those buzzwords to apply to us, and you’re right. We just find it much more meaningful to tell you what we think of public health communications rather than what we think of ourselves.

Public health communications is about marketing and advertising, delivering your message in a specific manner that causes your audience to take action. The posters, pamphlets, and papers you pass out are simply advertisements for behavioral change and we happen to think they are the most important advertisements going. Unfortunately, budget constraints too often mean these communications are created on outdated software, with inadequate programs, and by people with little interest in design. Public health’s messages are too important to skimp on disseminating them.

The advertising industry frequently works in direct conflict with public health. “Advertising” paints soda as thirst quenching, fried chicken wrapped in lettuce as healthy, and smoking as cool. This unfortunate side of the business is why Simatai Public Health Communications isn’t in the advertising industry. We are a public health company who specializes in giving a louder voice to our colleagues. So while you could find an agency willing to squeeze you in between work for potato chips and low-carb beer, why would you?